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New Album Released


Whitelight completes latest album 'This Way or No Way'. Available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

New gig dates


New upcoming gig dates in June, July, August and September! Check the new gigs page for details.

New video


Latest video The Stones has just been released. As seen in the video, this track is inspired by the stepping stones that were once the only means to get from Canvey Island to Benfleet before the first bridge was constructed in 1931. The last few remaining stones have been captured in the video footage.

Upcoming this year


Whitelight is in the studio recording new material for a possible summer release. He is also in rehearsals for live performances. Among these will be the David Bowie convention in May 2016 and also the David Bowie Charity event at Surya Music Venue in July 2016. Both of these performances will consist entirely of Bowie songs. Rehearsals are also beginning for live dates of Original Whitelight material to be confirmed later this year both home and abroad.

New Year's Message


Hope you all have a great New Year celebration tomorrow and a Wonderful and Healthy 2016.

Official Launch


Official website whitelightmusic.co.uk launched worldwide. All visitors are invited to join the mailing list, listen to music, watch videos, and purchase songs and albums.

New Album Available


Whitelight's latest album 'Silence Plays to No One' is now available in iTunes. Click here to buy it now

New Album Completed


Whitelight completes latest album 'Silence Plays to No One'. This album promises to be the darkest yet. Coming soon to a store near you...

Next gig

More gigs coming in 2017!

Watch this space for updates

Latest album

This Way or No Way
Get it on Google Play